Coaching is targeted on change.
It is moving forward, even though a person may have psychological obstacles.  My coaching is solution focused and oriented towards reaching desired goals. I work with narrative approaches that make my clients learn new ways of reaching their dreams and goals, embedded in my respect for their values and meanings.
My clients work through desirable change during the process of making honaurable menaings in their life and acknwoledging their creativity in unique ways.

I love to work with individual clients. The format is very simple. You pay for a monthly engagement, which consists of:

  • four coaching sessions via phone, Skype or FaceTime,
  • weekly e-mail exchange tracing your progress.
At the beginning I send you four questions to answer via email. Your answers to those four questions help me understand where you’re at right now. Then we chat for an hour via the phone or via audio or video Skype (or FaceTime).

The cost per month is 2500 PLN (roughly the equivalent of 510 GBP or 580 EUR or 675 USD).

If you’d like to make some progress, book a free 20-minute consultation now :-)

If you wish to pay by Western Union, MoneyGram or bank transfer, please contact me at for details.

Client endorsements:

"Thanks to coaching sessions with Magda I got to understand, to feel, to know and to act :-). Magda is very professional, and her attitude comes with sincerity and belief in a Human Being. Thank you, Magda. I recommend you to everyone".

Magdalena - psychologist, witer


"If you need a professional, commited to accompany you in your journey to a better change, someone who is open to really get to know you - I recommend Magda. I know what I'm talking about - I experience her presence in my change.'

Joanna - dietitian


" A fantastic coach. Thanks to her I survived the difficult time after giving birth to my son. She really listens to you, helps, supports you. And she is  a very warm, postitive person with a great sense of humour. I greatly recommend Magda as your coach"

Ania - photographer, graphic designer


"An excellent coach - I experienced it myself. Supportive, sensitive and with a great sense of humour, I recommend Magda to everyone!"

Nina - corporate employee


"Magda listens, supports, helps :-). She gives people energy and makes you feel enthusiastic, which really helps to motivate yourself to do your work"

Marta - social worker, writer


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