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I thought my first entry on this blog could be something that people do first thing in the morning. And what do creative people do first thing in the morning? Make cofee and pee (not necessarily in this sequence of events) and... write morning pages.

If you do not do it yet and wish to boost your creativity, morning pages are worth giving them a try. When I read The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron, I couldn't make out what those three pages a day are actually going to do to my creative life. Cameron gave them all kinds of metaphors, such as the bedrock tool for creative recovery. They are supposed to provoke, clarify, comfort, cajole, prioritize and synchronize the day at hand. As far as I understood, they are supposed to make wonders for your creative life. Without them... nothing stays the same. In an interview with Julia Cameron I heard her say she has a history of morning pages writing of over 30 years (or more). This is where Julia speaks of morning pages (2-minute video).

When my clients asked me about the foreseen effects of writing roughly 750 words a day, I couldn't explain. I thought it would be much better for them to discover it themselves.

Morning pages are a stream of consciousness writing, unburdened by any expectations, unharnessed, private. We should just write and never look back. I must admit that after a week or so of regular practice of morning pages, I stopped and looked (do you remember the biblical story of Lot's wife, who stopped and looked back? There wasn't a happy end, was there?). I looked and I was shocked. I was shocked at the way I spoke to myself. There wasn't much healthy self-love, believe me. Not at all, in fact. I guess that was one of the unexpected effects of morning pages for me. There were more, but not revealing...

Do it yourself, try it for yourself, you'll find out what the morning pages might mean to you and your creative process.

There's an interesting site http://750words.com/. You can sign up for free, it's private and has loads of interesting add-ons. Morning pages are typically encouraged to be in long hand, but you might want to try and type it online.

Let's make a social experiment:

  1. I encourage you to write 750 words/3 pages a day of morning consciousness writing. You write whatever comes into your head at the moment. If you think of pink elephants, put it down. If sex is on your mind, put it down. If you suddenly remember to buy milk, put it down, too. Do not show it to anyone and throw it away right after finishing the third page. Do it every day. It takes roughly 30 minutes, so you might want to get up earlier than usual.

  2. Do morning pages for at least two weeks, every day.

  3. See how you feel during the day, notice slight and subtle changes in your creative process.

  4. Write to me at creativity@magdafres.com to tell me what morning pages do to you.

  5. If you agree or if you wish, I'll publish bits of your findings on my blog.

  6. When I have at least 20 narratives, I'll forward them to Julia Cameron :-).

Are you willing to give it a try?

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