About me

I am a creativity psychologist, narrative therapist, a certified and accredited life and creativity coach, coaching supervisor, academic teacher, owner and CEO of Katowice Centre for Psychology and Coaching and - last but not least - a writer.

How did I get to where I am now?

I was born in 1974 in Katowice, Poland. My parents were Polish literature teachers and very cultured people. The house was filled with theatre, classical music and ballet, painting albums and tons and tons of books. Books covered every wall in the house.

I started writing very soon - when I was eight years old - and my mother supported my talent, encouraging me to write. I played the piano and wrote short stories. I got my work published and rewarded as soon as in secondary school.

My parents followed their inner callings, and my father - Jan Andrzej Fręś - became a theatre educator and started to run his own theatre Teatr Zza boru. My mother - Marta Fox - became one of the most successful national writers. My little sister Agata majored in Polish literature.
My home was filled with creativity. I often say, I didn't really have a choice, l had to create :-).

I chose to study psychology at the University of Silesia and soon became interested in the mysteries of creative entities. My Master thesis was all about anxiety in the creative process, and for that I interviewed one of the most successful painters in Poland, Professor Jacek Rykała. 

Then I moved on to studying Gender & Culture at the Central European University in Budapest. When I came back to Poland after receiving a yet another MA with merit,  I started writing my interdisciplinary PhD (literary feminist criticism + psychoanalysis + cultural studies).

As soon as I got my PhD I got my first book published. "Dumbwaiter to Hell" ("Do piekła kuchenną windą") was a celebration of my creative life and joy to the readers of my short stories. Two years later I published a novel, "Bulgur".

And then my life got wonderfully enriched by becoming a mother of Daniel. After publishing my third book, "Mummy, my Dummy!", I decided to quit my day job (to that point I gathered a whole collection of jobs) and do something that would somehow let me use all of my resources, talents, abilities and competences. That is how I became a professional, certified coach. After a year of School of Professional Coaching, I set up Katowice Centre for Psychology and Coaching and became a full-time life and creativity coach. I also teach coaching and psychology at several universities and supervise the work of other coaches. In the years 2014-2017 I held the position of regional director of the Chamber of Coaching.

This way I speak of myself that I am a psychologist and a coach, a published author of numerous academic publications (also international), short stories and four novels (four more are waiting patiently in my drawer for their turn).

I am happy to work globally now, coaching over Skype, FaceTime or face to face in my office in Katowice, Poland.

My clients are mostly creatives either in arts, literature or in business, who encounter various problems with their creative expression: they feel stuck, are unable to find time to create or are afraid to show their work to the world. I also consult the creative career process, which is, to put it simply, about how to become a famous artist. I also work with infuencers and youtubers.